Thursday, September 20, 2012

the heat....

OMG!! Is already almost end of September.. why is it still so hot!!
These are the times where i appreciate working in an office, i almost waited for the sun to set everyday before going home..

This has always been my favorite dessert ever (beside Ben & Jerry Ice cream)!
Is a very local dessert named "Ice Kachang"!
Is a good way to beat the heat (beside hiding in a shopping mall or the cinema.. hmmm.. oh well, i guess hiding in a shopping mall is a much better idea.. heheh).. =)
Anyway, If you ever were to visit Singapore, this is a must try!
or maybe drop me an email, i would love to introduce you to all the sinfully yummy food around..  ^^

xoxo Jean

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  1. That looks so good! There's a great night market during the summer in Vancouver and I love getting the shaved ice concoctions there. Especially anything with tapioca and coconut milk!


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