Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello Kitty Purse

If you will swoon at the sight of PINK, please do not read or look further after this line. ;p

Remember this post ?!
Well, we had a fun and fantastic Birthday celebration for Jaymee on 9/August, which also happens to be our National Day.
We rented a chalet and stuff ourselves with lotsa BBQ food, cakes, jelly and bbq mashmallow!
I was having such a great time that I actually forgot to take some pictures of Jaymee carrying the bag! >_<"

The Hello Kitty fabric is really cute right?
I still have some fabric left, probably i will make a pencil case for Jaymee, so she can use in school. ;p

Tomorrow is Friday, how time flies..
Another 3 months, will be my wedding day! woot!
I'm sooo excited!! ^^

Have a great weekend everyone!

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