Sunday, August 7, 2011

Farmer's Wife

I'm following The farmer's wife quilt along with Angela from Fussycut and many others! = )
Truth to be told, i received my Farmer's Wife book from Amazon last month,
as my printer had ran out of ink, i couldn't print out the templates. 
I did try a few attempts to do the maths so i didn't have to print out the templates but it didn't came out quite right. So anyway, Finally, now i get to print out the templates.

It was fun cutting out the templates and watching Supernatural dramas
(for now, i'm still at season 3) at the same time.. When the horror part comes on,
i will just focus 100% on my templates and fabrics and when the two cute guys comes on, my focus changes, templates and fabrics are thrown to a side.. LOL.. ;p
Now is already week 10, i hope i will catch up soon..
So here goes, my first two blocks..

#2 Autumn Tints
#27 Darting Birds

After posting up the pictures, then i realise, the edges are extremely crooked.
I forgot to trim them!!
Well, cute guys are indeed a distraction! LOL

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