Sunday, August 21, 2011

Farmer's Wife Week 12

Now is Week 12 of Farmer's Wife Quilt Along.
Hmmm, let me see, how many have i made, 1,2,3,4!!
Only 4!! (instead of 12)
Well, i blame it on Sammy & Dean..
Now, where am i.. Season 4 episode 8.. which means i have watched
a total of 68 episodes!! woot!
but i have to admit, Supernatural is super addictive!

Anyway, my 2 blocks for this week using my new fabrics! ^^

#29 Economy
#4 Basket Weave
I'm still trying to stock up more solid colors.. so for now, 4 more added to my stash!

Isn't this cute!
I think it will make a very kawaii pouch!!
and with Christmas in just 4 months time,
i need to start thinking and making Christmas gifts!! ^^

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