Wednesday, August 3, 2011

another seat cover

I'm using the Single Girl Pattern which i bought two months ago
for Skylar's computer seat cover. I'm trying my best to keep to more MANLY colors.
so lots of greys, blacks and i throw in some turqoise to lighten them up. ;p
Hopefully i can finish by this week, so you can have a peep soon.

If you are wondering why my tiled floor looks "dirty".. well..
is not really dirt.. that is the DESIGN and LOOK of the tile.
It looks dirty but is not.. One good thing about this design, we do not even have to clean them because no matter what it will look "dirty".. hahah!

Just some updates around here.
This month we will be going for our wedding banquet food tasting
at Swissotel The Stamford. 
We will be holding our wedding banquet there. :)
Skylar and I (really.. is both of us) fell in love with the high ceiling and spacious ballroom during their wedding fair. And the main factor that closes the deal was the 2 nights stay in their bridal suite that is located at the 70th floor 
(i think, can't remember the exact floor.. ;p)
the view was just breath taking.. = )

Happy Mid Week everyone!! ^^

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