Monday, November 4, 2013

i'm back

I'm back! I have taken a much longer break then intended.
September & October seems to have just pass with a blink.

I have celebrated my birthday on 20th October and before that i went on a one week holiday trip with my younger sister Nicole and my cute nephew (her son) Tristan to visit my older sister Sarah!
Is been almost two years since i last saw my older sis and my dear dear sweet little nephew Seth and nieces, Jaymee and Sheryl! Although i chat with my sisters on Whatsapp on a daily basis but is still somehow different.
Seeing them, makes me realise how much i miss them all! Sigh!

During my break, i did :
** a little sewing every now and then
** a little fabric & notion purchase every month
** a little exercise 
(climbing 2 flights of stairs daily to use the washroom at work count right?! hehe.)

** a lot of fabrics and notions browsing
** watched a lot of movies and television series 
(season break is over, all the dramas returned! Yayy!! maybe next post, i will give a list of drama i highly recommend. heheh)
** a lot of snacking and late nights
** a lot of overtime at work too

this pretty sums up what i did for the past two months.

I am still working on my Basket Case quilt slowly.
Oh! I also started a new Patchwork Quilt project using Heather Bailey's Lottie Da Collection! This collection is sooooo beautiful! Love it!

Thanks for stopping by! ^^

xox Jean


  1. Happy belated Birthday! You are a middle child Glad you enjoyed your sisters and their family.
    Your quilt blocks look beautiful!

  2. Sometimes we all need a little break. Happy belated birthday. Your patchwork project looks amazing. You are right those Heather Bailey's fabrics are so beautiful.


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