Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Moved.. Yes.. BUT not to our new house.. 
(the last we check, they are still building the last floor.. 16th floor.. hopefully we can get our keys by this December. Keep fingers and toes crossed!)

Due to constant teasing from Skylar about my blog's name being too cheesy..
I guess you have noticed a change in my URL.
All my dear friends, please please link or add me at my new URL : http://www.sewminty.com/
I'm really going to miss my old URL : mygardenofloves.blogspot.com though.. >_<

Have a nice week ahead.

xox, Jean

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  1. Oh Jean I loved the name of your blog, "My Garden of Loves". I wonder why he teased you about it? Was the new name your idea or Skylar's?


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