Friday, May 24, 2013

Swoon Quilt ~ block #4

Happy Friday everyone!
Today is a public holiday in Singapore. Is going to be a long relaxing weekend for me. = )
Recently, I have a total change of jobscope at work due to company expansion, so for the past week, i have been busy trying to pick up as much as i could from my colleague. Is actually a new stress challenge for me.
Thus, i really appreciate this short break, where i can relax a little.

I really enjoy and love sewing a great deal, i feel happy when i see a completed block, quilt, pouch etc.. not to mention the buying and choosing of fabrics. Sometimes i feel is kind of therapeutic for me. It makes me slow down and really observe and see things instead of just rushing through life everyday. I'm just glad that i chance upon this two years ago. = )

Fabric use : Pat Bravo's Rock n Romance Collection
Vinyl Charms Bianca and Femme Metale Steel

Have a great weekend ahead!

xox, Jean

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  1. Oh, your block is beautiful. Just see how all those points match up perfectly. Congratulations on completing Block #4. It gets me enthusiastic about starting my 2nd block.


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