Friday, April 26, 2013

Tutorial for a Pouch Strap Handle

Today, i'm going to share with you a short tutorial on adding a strap handle for the zipper pouch! The Zipper Pouch tutorial can be found here. ^^

Materials Required :
* Fabric scraps

Cutting Instructions :
* For 2 colors way ==> Cut two pieces of 6" x 1 ¼" of different fabric
(denotes : color 1 and color 2)
* For 1 color way ==> Cut one piece of 6" x 2" of fabric

Note : Using ¼" seam allowance throughout.

1) For 2 colors way ==> Place your color 1 and color 2 fabric right side together and sew along the long raw edges on each side as shown using ¼" seam allowance.
For 1 color way ==> Fold your fabric in half, right side together, press and sew along one side of the long raw edges using ¼" seam allowance.

2) Turn the strap inside out, so you have the right side of the fabric on the "outside" on both front and back. Press well.

3) Top stitch along the edge of each side of the strap.

4) Fold the strap in half.

5) We will sew the strap onto the pouch after Step 23 (before Step 24) in the Zipper Pouch tutorial. Placed your lining fabric right side together and lay your pouch flat, right side up on the table as shown. 
From the raw edge of the strap, measure ¼" and draw a line. Placed the drawn line on the right side of the raw edges of the pouch. Pin it in placed. Top stitch as closed to the edges as possible as shown. Ensure that it is secured. Remove the pin.

Note : the strap will be sew onto your pouch exterior fabric, interface and batting, not the lining fabric.

Now, continue with step 24 in the Zipper Pouch tutorial to complete your pouch

Now, go ahead and make a zipper pouch for everyone you know! ^^

Have a great weekend ahead everyone!

xox Jean


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  3. Oh, and I juuuust finished making a skirt with your tutorial! (Found via Pinterest). Love the skirt so much I am planning to make, oh, about 16 more. Thanks very much! customised carrier bags

  4. I wish the pouch and the strap were in one tutorial. I just made the pouch (thanks for the tutorial) and then I saw the strap tutorial and it was too late for me to add the strap. I would think about combining the two tutorials.

  5. Thanks for this and the pouch tutorial! I'm going to try this. Rebecca

  6. Thanks a lot for the tutorial....really help me more... Horraaaay...!!!


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