Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nicole's present part one (the real one..)

The other day, i was digging through my fabric stash for a pretty fabric for my sister's reversible bag, and then.................. i found this Eiffel Tower fabric which i had bought a while back! Right there and then, i decided this will be more suitable for my sister's pouch then this!
So i made another pouch instead of working on my reversible bag! LOL!
Her birthday present is way overdue. So this weekend, i HAVE TO concentrate ONLY ON the reversible bag. No more side tracks.. ;p

This time i have add a short sling handle at the side of the pouch. It looks better with it right? ^^
I have a really short tutorial on the sling handle which i will share with you tomorrow. = )

Check out the polka dots prints! cute right! i love polka dots! ^^

Oh! I almost forgot! Currently i am looking for a pattern tester for a baby quilt. If you are interested, please email me at for more details. = )

Happy Thursday! ^^

xoxo Jean

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