Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Nicole's present part one

Happy Wednesday everyone!
My younger sister Nicole's birthday is in another three weeks time!
I have never given her any of my handmade items before. (hmmm.. i'm not sure why too)
So i thought, this year it will be nice to make her something.
I will be giving her this sweet pink purse, my reversible bag (which i will make next weekend) and a set of this Audio Technica (my favorite brand ever!) earphones!
(Sorry, pls ignore the above black earphones, that belongs to Skylar, only borrow it as props.. heheh)

I love the grey with white polka dots fabric use in this purse!
you will be seeing more of them really really soon! ^^

Did you notice that my photos are not clear?
I've taken them using my Samsung Note 2, and it was super clear on the phone, but after uploading to here, this is the result.
Skylar told me that it is due to my resolution setting on my phone.
Argghh.. i have already taken a ton of photos which i intend to share this week. >_<"
We will see how it goes..

Have a fun mid-week!

xox Jean

p/s : Last night I have finished the last episode of The Walking Dead Season 3!
It was a good ending! Now, i can't wait for Season 4 to start!

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