Monday, September 3, 2012

happy weekend

Guess you can tell from my title that i had a really really great weekend! ^^
I pick up a few Denyse Schmidt  fabric at SGD8.00 per metre in our local Spotlight store!
Can you believe that?!? hee! hee!


Yes!!! I finally bought a DSLR camera (entry level)!
Is my first and i decided to give it to Nikon.. ^^
Is real user friendly, you can read more about Nikon D3200 here.

Something funny happen during the payment. It goes like this :

Me : i will be paying by credit card. 
(i handover my card, the cashier swipe about 3 times and was declined)
Cashier : I think there is some problem with this card, do you have other cards?
(i look at Skylar, because i only have one.. and he took out his credit card)
Skylar : can you try this card.
Cashier : wooo! this is okay, please sign here on the receipt sir.
(cashier turn to look at me)
Cashier whisper to me : you are clever girl! that is a good way to get the guy to pay for you..

So there.. now my camera is FREE! hee!!
Ohh! Did i mention that the Taxi ride home was also free?
Because we participated in a credit card lucky draw and won ourselves a Taxi voucher
Skylar must have ask me about five times in the Taxi, why am i chuckling to myself every now and then.. heheheh..
So much great savings in one day, how can i not be happy.. Hee! ^^   

Have a great week ahead! ^^ 

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