Thursday, August 2, 2012

Table Runner

Foremost i would like to apologise for the poor pictures, all these are taken from my iphone, because i have forgotten to bring my camera home..
I bought these lovely fabric - Silent Cinema by Jenean Morrison
last year.
Initially i had plans to make them into cushion covers, but since our house are not ready,
that will just have to wait..

BUT, still i couldn't resist playing with the lovely fabric..
I figure i need a pattern that will best show the pretty design..
This pattern is simple, and so so so easy to cut n sew..
I almost feel a little sad that it finishes up way too fast.. = )

I use fabric by denyse schmidt as the backing. This design tends to grow on me..
Reminds me of some prints on Indian Sarees.

Now, i'm having a hard time deciding how should i quilt it..
Shall I just shadow each block or should i quilt straight lines across..
Any suggestions?
Skylar cooked this for dinner tonight!
Feel so bliss!! ^^
edamame & Fish cereal in curry leaves

Tonkotsu Ramen

Of course, we need some yummy dessert to end the lovely dinner..

Couldn't resist posting this colorful and fun pop sticks!
Have a great evening!

xoxo, Jean

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