Monday, July 30, 2012

Is been a long time..


i've not been blogging for a really long time.. ermmm.. the last date post is dec! OMG! (0_o)"
there has really been too many going on.. let me do a list of 100 recaps.. too long?
okay, a short 12 recaps will do for the missing half a year and lotsa pictures..
Beware, i have warn you.. Is gonna be a really loooong post!



1) Busy slogging myself out at my job, working in office, at home, in office, at home..
    14hours a day, 7days a week.. this explain, why i have been missing from all over the  
    place for the first quarter of the year..

2) started a new job (yes again..) in April 2012..
    so i can make more time for my Skylar, Sewing, Family, Sewing, Friends, Sewing,  
    Sleeping, Sewing... i think you get the picture.. = ) 

3) Sewing has been a bit challenging, staying in Skylar's parent's house after our        wedding, mainly due to space constraint.. thus, very little sewing has been done.. 
   we are still trying to work it out. :)

4) Went on a short trip with our travelling buddies to Bangkok, Thailand in April.
    Enjoy ourselves tremendously.. spend the days eating yummy food, shopping, massage, 
    eating, shopping, massage.. eating, shopping, massage.. 

5) Upgrade the software of my iphone 4, did not back up properly, so now i have a 
   "brand new phone" with only 37contacts list and 9.5GB available space!! 
   Cons : All my precious photos and videos of my nephews, nieces, skylar, wedding and 
             new projects all went "poof".. this explain the lack of photos in this blog 
   Pros : now i can access new apps and the internet loading speed is a lot faster. LOL

6) Skylar set up a new website for me, to sell my finished products.. 
    (so that i will stop expanding my "territory storage space" into his side of the cabinet)
    if you are interested, do drop by and say hello at my new website "ThimbleBerry" :

7) Sewing up a storm of drawstring bags and sanitary purse to sell at flea market and list in our website

Drawstring Purse

Sanitary Napkin Purse

8) Completed a reversible handcarry bag for my elder sister and a knitting needle pouch
    for her friend's daughter. By the way, my elder sister is fantastic in knitting! ^^

Reversible Bag.. Main or inner fabric?

Inner or Main Fabric? U choose it..

Isn't it sweet??.. ^^

Knitting Needle Pouch

I Quilt using straight lines as the prints seems quite busy enough

i choose pink for the little girl..

9) Went on a flea market in July, the left side of the table are all my handmade goodies
     and the right side are all my stock which i import in years ago..

10) PAUL open their restaurant in Singapore! The last time we had one of their yummy
     pastry was back in July 2010 when we were in Taiwan for a holiday! how time flies..
     miss all yummy food and great shopping in Taiwan!

Tarte Lemon Meringue

Tarte Creme Brulee

Cannot remember the name of this last dish.. >_<"
p/s: Skylar baby, I need to re-visit PAUL for another good meal to remember! ;p

** note to myself, never post pictures of food in the middle of the night.. 
   Feel sooo hungry now!! LOL** 

11) And because we miss all the yummy food and shopping and Hotspring and... in Taiwan,
     Our travelling buddies and us just bought our air tickets to Taiwan, next year May! 
     Yippee! Woot!

12) Skylar bought me an Instant camera, with really cute Miffy films! Love it!!

Stay Tune.. I have a lot more projects to share.. ^^

xoxo Jean

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