Tuesday, August 30, 2011

my cool iphone pouch

Is rather cool isn't it?!?
I really like the "clothesline" fabric a lot!! ^^
I've changed my iphone cover, to a thinner one that does not
have a "flap" to cover my iphone.
Thus i figure i need a pouch, to protect the screen and new cover
from being scratch by the messy many things in my bag. = )

Recently has been rather busy, just a little update..
We went for our food tasting at Fairmont Swissotel last night.
The food was not that fantastic (a tad too healthy for us),
so we manage to change a few dishes with the chef. = )
And we show our parents the ballroom for the very first time,
they like it as much as we do too!
The one thing i'm really glad is that both our parents hit off quite well. = )

10 more weeks to our Wedding! Can't wait! ^^
Have a Happy mid week everyone!

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