Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Phew.. Finally all decisions are made.
The whole month of  June has been a whirlwind for me.
So much so that I didn’t even have much time and energy for any sewing.

But one good thing was, we have finished our wedding photoshoot,
and it was really a whole lot of fun! The photos will be ready in another 2 weeks. = )
Now I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping that it will be nice, because I keep feeling my makeup is too heavy, but my skylar looks so handsome and cute.
Anyway, I will try to upload some once available. ^^

Ohh! How I love the colorful zippers!
They reminds me of Rainbow that always appears after the rain. 

A building in Singapore, Looks very Rainbowny too right?! ^^
Tonight I’m going to watch Transformer 3 with Skylar at the movies.
But I seems to have forgotten about the storyline of 1 & 2.. hmmm nevermind.. ;p  

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