Tuesday, June 7, 2011

my first tote bag

Design 1 (Before)
Design 2 (After)

Can you spot the difference between Design 1 and Design 2? Hehehe..
Yes! You are right! I sew up the sides to make it more boxy shape.
I completed this Tote Bag over the weekends, took a picture (design 1) and used it yesterday to put my stuff for my Pilates class. But it just didn’t feel right.
It is too “shapeless” and soft for a handheld tote bag, so i rush home after work
(skipping my pilates class) and sew up the sides, and there, it is so much better both to look and to hold now.. hee! It is also roomy enough to carry all my stuff for a sleepover at Skylar’s house tonight.

Skylar’s mum have been wrapping up a storm of dumplings!!
I have been eating them whole week long! The one that I like best is Nonya Dumpling. 

Tonight Skylar and I will be going to the movies to watch “X-Men First Class”. 
Can’t wait! Hee!
Has anyone watch it? Anyway good?

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