Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Ladies Quilt No. 1

Life's simple pleasures quotes :
Having a yummy breakfast made by Skylar with a nice cup of coffee to kickstart the day!

Just 10mins ago, i was wondering why do all the pictures in my post looks so blurry. It looks perfectly fine from my PC, but once uploaded, it looks all blurry.. and i did some test and AH HA! The larger size i select after uploaded, the clearer it will be.. This means i'm gonna spend sometime, going through previous posts and changing picture size.
OMG!!  >_<"

 Do you like this?
Over last weekend, i've managed to finish the top of one of the girl's quilt. This weekend i will start on the backing, quilting and binding then it will be completed! ^^
I'm so looking forward to the loooonng weekend! ^^
Hope all of you have a great weekend too!

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