Monday, April 4, 2011

A Not Quite Expected Kind of Quilt

Finally, some little wee bit of extra free time for me to squeeze in a short post.. = )
It really has been a super hectic week since my return from Bangkok, with me being sick, tons of crazy pending work from office and pending baby blankets for “Quilts for Japan”.
Abt the trip, sadly I did not have the opportunity to visit any fabric store in bangkok nor do much shopping.. = (
Anyway, back to my baby blankets for “Quilts for Japan”.
After it was done (I’m only donating the top piece of the blanket), total 4pcs, I feel so shy about showing to anyone. These are the first baby blankets that I have made, and I feel that it is just not good enough.
It is just too plain and I feel that people can really tell that I’m just rushing through it to get it done and over with, and the truth, I’m really rushing through it as the cut-off date was too close.
So just a few pictures for your views and also to remind me to do things with more “heart” in future. = )

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