Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Solids Perfect

Hello Everyone,

How is your week so far?
Recently I have been using solids colors for my secret project, almost half the project are done using solids colors.. They are so easy to use and compliments and balance almost any prints easily, even the complicated ones. I’m going to start stocking up on more. ^^ Anyway, buying fabric always puts me on good mood.. It helps on my overall well being too right?! ;p
Just a little update on what I have been busy with recently, beside my secret project, I took up a task from Quilts and friends, requesting help to contribute and make Baby quilts for the young victims from Japan earthquake.
This weekend I will be away on a short trip with my friends to Bangkok for some shopping spree. A good opportunity for me as well to checkout their fabric selections and stock up on some children’s prints fabric for the baby quilts.

p/s: Skylar won’t be joining me for this trip, so I’m gonna miss him a great deal.. sigh!

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