Wednesday, July 10, 2013

a fruitful weekend

Yo! I hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend!
I had a really great one!
Went polka dot shopping, adding more polka dot fabrics to my growing stash.. ^^

Finish sewing all 88 triangles! 
(earlier post on the Hopscotch pattern quilt can be found here)
Lay and assembly them on the floor. Asking my complaining helpful hubby to lie down beside it, so i can measure and make sure is long enough to cover him (he is about 1.85 metres tall, his current blankets are too short). Luckily i did that, because i realise i need to make another 8 more triangles! This triangles are so fun to sew! I can't wait to get started again! ^^

A few weeks ago, i came across a cool fabric basket on display in Ikea. It look something like this but is made of fabric instead. I guess it is not for sale, as i couldn't find a price tag. I thought it will be quite useful to have one, so i decided to make one myself. 
I used my yellow and white polka dot fabric and the cute piggy fabric i bought in Taiwan and some ric racs!

It turns out, now i can have one fabric basket with two different styles. hehe..
Style 1 : with the top edge folded 
Style 2 : with the top edge not folded

What do you think?
Which style do you like better? 
I would love to hear from you.. ^^

Have a great week ahead everyone!

xox, Jean


  1. Your basket is darling. I like the rickrack on it. I think it looks great folded down or not. I suppose it depends on what you put inside how tall you might need it to be. It's great that it is versatile and can be folded down or not.

  2. You had a very productive weekend. I love your fabric basket. I like the cute fabric for the outer layer and of course the dots (I love polka dots). All your projects are lovely.


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