Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!
How was your holiday?
Time just got away fast when you are having a great time right?!
We spend the holidays gathering with family and friends and feasting and more gatherings and even more feasting.. now is time to start exercising (argghh.. >_<" ) to make up for it..

Thank you to all your wonderful recommendations earlier
i have started a new television series - Once Upon a Time
The story is so cleverly written in such a way that all the fairytales are all link to one another. 
Is a great show! you got to try it, if you are one who loves fairytales and mystery!

And... I have also finish my Poetica Quilt!
The finished quilt measures 32inch by 38inch, and i quilt it with simple lines.
It will be a gift for my niece Jaymee. I hope she likes them. : )

I will be flying off to Bangkok, Thailand tomorrow for a 4 days holiday with Skylar and our friends. My office work has been so hectic recently and i have been working a lot of late nights for the past two months due to year end closing.
I am so looking forward to this short trip for a nice break. : )
(although i will sure miss my weekend sewing time : ) ).

Happy Holidays!

xox Jean

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