Monday, September 10, 2012

winner of giveaway

Happy Monday everyone!
Last saturday, Skylar and I spent a day at Universal Studios with our friends!
(I know, we don't look flattering in the above photo, but its the only photo without other passerbys trying to pose with us..)
We had such a blast and managed to complete and survived ALL the crazy rides!
By ALL, i meant those crazy roller coasters rides where you get turn 360 degrees again and again and down to the really tame ones, that will just rock you to sleep.

Due to the craziness, yesterday my old bones and muscle spend the whole day "complaining" to me, even the little muscles in my toes are whining non stop with each step.. felt like an old woman..  >_<"
but in the evening, this old woman still managed to get a little sewing done.. heehee!

Now, is time to announce the winner of the giveaway!
Thank you everyone for entering the giveaway!
I have really enjoy reading all the activities that you girls are up to! chooses #47! which is ...
Chelsea !!
I'll be sending an email to you shortly.
If you do not received my email by today, please contact me. = )

Once again, Thank you everyone for entering the giveaway!
Have a great week ahead, while i will try to hang on at work til the weekend! ^^
yes, i will be hanging on as gingy (from shrek) above.. not the pig..
just incase you are wondering..


  1. Thanks for a great giveaway Jean and congratulations to Chelsea!

  2. Oh, wow! Thanks Jean and Mister Random! Too cool!!!


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