Friday, August 10, 2012

a token of gift

I always love the thought of how a stack of cut fabric and cotton batting will transform from this :

to this by themselves miracously :

I had this pattern from Michelle Patterns for quite some time.
I figure it will make a great gift for my dear girlfriends who help us throughout the day and night at our wedding! It is a tradition to give some token (in the form of cash) to friends who help out. I figure it will be quite cool and practical to keep the token in this little purse and give as gifts.. Sadly though, i only manage to sew 6 cute purse for the girls, our 6 other guy friends had to "missed out my cool gifts" and settle for just normal paper envelope to keep their token due to Skylar's unnecessary intervention  is concern that i might overworked myself before the wedding.. = )

Have a great weekend everyone! ^^

xoxo Jean

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