Monday, July 25, 2011

Hello Kitty

My harddisk has crashed, all my pictures are gone.. sob..
Luckily, i did backup some, as for the rest, i can only retrieve them from facebook.
Skylar bought a new harddisk and reformat my PC for me,
so now, i'm writing this post with a semi new PC..
The font seems strange though.. hmmm...

My sis and her family are back to Singapore for a one month holiday,
and we will be celebrating my niece, Jaymee's birthday next month.
She really adores Hello Kitty, Princess series and everything PINK!
I have decided to make her a little sling bag using Hello Kitty fabric!

very pretty right?! heehee!
(not sure why there is a blue-ish color in the photos, can't seem to get the true pink)
These are authentic Sanrio Fabric. The shop that i went to sells all kinds of
authentic Sanrio's fabric, eg. Little Twin Stars, Melody etc.. and Japanese Import Fabric.
It was really not easy for me to leave the shop with just one yard of Hello Kitty Fabric.
Luckily skylar went with me, so i had to just "pick and go", no time to linger and "explore".. ;p

There's so many things for me to update..
but i gotta start preparing to go out now coz we are going to catch Harry Potter 7
at the cinema this afternoon. 
Probably i'll write another post tonight, with some of 
our wedding photos (unedited version).. heheh..


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