Friday, April 15, 2011

Owls Everywhere

Hi Everyone, how was your week?
Finally weekend will start tomorrow, which means is my sewing time!! Yippee!!
Once a week sewing is really too little huh.. i need to think of ways to maximise my
free time.. hmmm...

Yesterday I made a trip to Spotlight and voila! they have brought in lotsa new fabric..
i was almost in ecstasy.. well i said "almost" because IF they are having sale then i will really be in one.. LOL..

I realise browsing and buying fabric can really be addictive. In order not to overspend, i have decided to set a budget for fabric purchase every month. :)

Thus, due to budget control, i only bought a few commonly used solid colors. = )

and then i saw these.....

ohhhh.. how could i resist?! They are so cute!!
Right there i have decided to use them for Sheryl & Jaymee's summer blanket!
So there, my fabric budget is used up for this month. = )

Have a Great Weekend!! ^^

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