Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finding Minky

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for not posting for a whole week.. The past week i was obsessed with making Quilt Rag Baby Blankets. Most experience quilters recommend using Fannel or Minky as the backing.. After doing some research, i've decided to use Minky. I was literally searching high and low for Minky, i couldn't find it anywhere in Singapore, though Fannel was more commonly found.

Finally i have no choice but to source from US website. (Previously, I had refrain so, due to the high shipping cost.)
So today i made my first online purchase from a US website, that carries a wide range of fabric, not to mention my minky at a reasonable shipping cost.. ^^
The only disappointing part was i only managed to get 2 colors of minky (chocolate and pink) as the rest was out of stock. The happy part was i managed to get some, okay okay, just a little bit more than "some" really cool and pretty fabrics.. They should arrive in about a week's time.. Can't wait.. ^^

Cya Jean

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